1+1 ART

Who is OnePlusOneArt?

It’s a public platform dedicated to promoting young artists.

It’s a database: commit itself to bringing together information of young artists in contemporary field, including but not limited to contemporary art, music, visual arts and new media and of art related programs.

It’s a window for commerce: facilitate artists developing art-related products and build business channels with world-class collectors, galleries and public or private art institutes.

OnePlusOne Art will grow with artists and let contemporary arts speak with the world.

What can OnePlusOne Art do?

It is working on a unqiue platform, OnePlusOneArt.com, the information portal and interaction center. You can know about and join in 3 major of its major activities:

OnePlusOne Interview

We provide a special interview for selected artists who join our platform. The specialty lies in the fact that the interviewer is an artist himself/herself, who can “resonate” with interviewee. Therefore the interview will disclose more interviewee’s inner source of creativity and emotion as well as the story and logic for an art craft, opening a window towards the heart of that artist.

OnePlusOne database

We collect information of young artists and their art crafts; then classify the crafts according to their type and genre; finally build an online show room to exhibit the charm of art. Art lovers will find their favorite works and even contact artists through our database.

1+1 Project

One of OnePlueOne Art’s aim is to establish a channel for cooperation between artists and art demands. Our team comes from different worlds of art, fashion and business, which allows us to understand the mind of artists and to speak business language and hence enables us discover better ways of collaboration between artists and art demanders.

Contact Us : [email protected]