2013 – 2015
National superior Architecture School of Versailles, Paris, France Master program in architecture

2012 – 2013
Ecole spéciale d’architecture, Paris, France Bachelor degree in architecture

2010 – 2012
National superior school of art and design of Orléans, Orléans, France Master in visual design /graphic option
DNSEP (French Master degree of plastic art expression)

2005 – 2009
Tsinghua university, Beijing, China – Fine-arts & design institut Bachelor degree


Exhibition « Chiasma »
Visual and architecture Installation in a nocturnal space
Event : La Nuit Blanche Paris, La Nuit de la Création Versailles Winner of competition «Creation Night »

Performance « Chinese food »
Tasting performance around a table of chinese food
at the National superior school of art and design of Orléans

Solar Decathlon, International Architecture Competition Artistic director and communication assistant of ceremonies

Several professional experiences with architecture and graphic agencies in Paris : Arkhenspaces – Eric Cassar architecte Djuric-Tardio architectes
Cabinet d’architecture de Richard Scoffier CLDesign

< Chiasma >, Installation, 3m * 3m* 4m, 2014

< Chinese food>, Performance

118 type of Chinese food are laid on a table shaped like the periodic table*. Spectators test the food.
*periodic table: the periodic table is a table summing up all the chemical elements discovered so far, that are composing our world.

Conception :
1, Eat – Nourish
Those 118 types of the Chinese food represent the composition of culture which feeds us physically, but also spiritually.

2, Participat – React
Every spectators’ reaction when they taste the exotic food, such as surprise, curiosity, discussion and questioning are a reactions that is natural and real. The hour long performance is a sum up of the discoveries we make when we visit a place, with a totally different culture.

3, Digest – Influence
The experience of a culture is like the food in our stomach: we digest it, becoming a part of the body which we can not ignore. When we taste one of the 118 Chinese food, we can figure that we eat a piece of culture and we are refluence by it.

< Little black dress >, photography

In this work, we meet ourselves through the crossing between time and space. That meeting could happen at various levels such as mind, memory, experience, senses… Setting there abstract meetings with a person who is with his other self from another time, and another space.